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A Realtor who owned a RE/MAX franchise in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada had a dream of someday retiring from real estate and set sail for ports unknown. After 30+ years of a successful career in real estate, Paul and Ginette are living that dream everyday as professional charter yacht crew, and now they take the helm of the 2008 catamaran NUTMEG– accommodating up to 8 passengers, based in the British Virgin Islands.

What would cause a successful real estate family to sell everything and jump aboard their sailing sloop and head south? One of the conclusions was they wanted to reset their life course and create a balance they had not discovered in many years of owning their business. The experience they have had the last five years has far exceeded anything they could have dreamed about. When they decided to sail south from New Brunswick they never imagined that they would visit 51 islands, 17 countries and end up in Tobago in just one year. Paul was most concerned that his dream of the sailing life may not be fully embraced by Ginette. He should not have worried. She has embraced it even more than him.

Selling everything, being disconnected from “things”, never watching television, and enjoying the most beautiful sunsets imaginable each evening has changed both of their lives. Ginette says that it took about six months to have all of the “stress” of their previous life finally melted away. Now every relationship and every moment in nature has taken on new importance. They definitely have brought a French Canadian flair to NUTMEG – from the cuisine to the wines. They will even assist you with learning a little French during your charter with them if you want!

During the off-season Paul and Ginette travsel back to Moncton, New Brunswick to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

Ginette and Paul will make you feel at home, while making sure your every need is attended to. They look forward to welcoming you and to making your holiday enjoyable to the fullest aboard NUTMEG.





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